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Bart Thomas – Sculptures

“I would describe my work as visual three dimensional poetry. My work is inspired by the objects, and nature in the world around me. When designing sculptures I look for pure forms that radiate harmony, balance, movement and vitality. It gives me joy when others also perceive these elements in my work, then together we share in the joy and love of our existence”

Welcome to the website with the sculptures of Bart Thomas

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I create “visual poetry” through the use of abstract and harmonious forms. Geometry and pure forms are fundamental aspects of my sculptures.

With some phantasy, you can imagine that the parts of the sculpture are analogous to the words of a poem. The parts of a sculpture are inseparable and look different and new from every point of view, just like the verses of a poem.

Through abstract sculpture, I strive to explore the essence of objects in nature and in the world around me, and to give individual expressions of graceful forms I encounter.