Bart Thomas is a Belgian artist who makes captivating abstract sculptures. He lives and works in Grimbergen, Belgium.
His abstract sculptures reflect in the first place the essence and joy of his search for engaging and dynamic forms. In addition, when creating a sculpture, he seeks pure and clear design in which a piece of his soul is being reflected.

“My sculptures are like three-dimensional poetry. My work is inspired by the objects and nature in the world around me.”

Bart Thomas

When designing sculptures, I look for pure forms that radiate harmony, balance, movement, and vitality. Furthermore it brings me joy when others recognize these elements in my work as well. Then together we share in the joy and love for sheer beauty.

Discover the universe of Bart Thomas. Always curved, never straight, his sculptures seem to be still in motion. The forms intertwine and offer, to the viewer, an ever-changing vision.