Artist Statement

I aspire to create attractive three-dimensional non-figurative sculptures by using a combination of tense lines, circles, curves, shapes and spaces.

In my opinion, a good sculpture radiates energy and movement. In addition a good sculpture must be fascinating to look at from all sides and has to maintain a sense of balance.

I aspire to keep my sculptures as pure and simple as possible in order to emphasize the geometric relationships. The recurring elements in my sculptures are the gracefulness of the lines, the harmonious shapes and the captivating texture.

I love the play of shadow and light created by the concave and convex forms.  A sculptures that stand there as if it is weightless makes my hearth beat faster.

My inspiration is very diverse – patterns in nature, machines, photographs or an everyday object. Sometimes an idea for a sculpture begins with a glimpse of something I find visually captivating; other times my inspiration comes from my visual memory.