New exhibition “Kunst in het dorp” – Bellingen

My work was selected to participate in the group exhibition “Kunst in het Dorp” in Bellingen, Belgium.  “Kunst in het dorp” which translated to Art in the Village is organised in the Ter Loo castle-monastery in Bellingen. Forty-four artists will integrate their works in the various rooms and the garden of the historical site.

The visitors will be able to explore a variety of art forms such as painting and drawing, visual arts, glass art, photography, audiovisual art, green art, jewellery art, paper art and music. Attention is also paid to other contemporary art forms such as experimental art, conceptual art, performance and (in situ) installation art.

Everyone is welcome to visit this art exhibition during the weekends of 10 and 11/09 and 16, 17 and 18/09/2022. I will also be permanently present.

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